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emotional transformation and well being


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Hello I’m Ilyia

My passion is understanding what stops us from adapting to different, psychological, emotional, physical and nutritional challenges in life and what we can do to overcome them.

I have a diploma in Kinesiology, a diploma in Neuro-Training and hold qualifications in Kinergetics and PSYCH-K. I am member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists Association.


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Neuro-Training Kinesiology

Using the latest understanding of neuroscience and ancient techniques of traditional Chinese medicine to return you to your natural healthy state.


What they're saying...


Physical & emotional pain   -   Stress & anxiety   -   feeling of overwhelm   -

Negative subconscious beliefs   -   Negative self-talk   -   Confidence & Self Esteem

-   Depression   –   Trauma   -   Fears & Phobias   -   Relationship issues   -

Fatigue & Tiredness   -   Adrenal Fatigue    -  Sleep issues   –   Detoxification   -

  Nutritional deficiencies   -    Weight management   -  Allergic reactions   -

Food sensitivities  -  Additive behaviours   -   Goal Accomplishment   -

Learning difficulties   -   Behavioural problems   -   & much more…