I have been seeing Ilyia at ID Kinesiology for 6 months and I cannot believe the changes to my being and the important parts of my life. There have been enormous shifts in my ability to change my reactions, habits and baggage that has held me back from the freedom I have now. After each session I can look back over the weeks and see the changes, it feels subtle but on reflection quite an enormous change. I have no real understanding of how Ilyia manages to make this happen but it is changing my life and I am loving it. I cannot recommend Ilyia highly enough from the smallest of changes you may want in your life to the really big stuff, she is amazing and I am truly thankful and lucky to have such an amazing Kinesiologist.
— Prue Coppin – CFO Peterpans Travel Group

Ilyia has helped bring about some subtle yet profound emotional and psychological changes for me to an extent that I have never achieved with other modalities in the past. Her professional approach along with easy personality lend to having great confidence and trust as a client in her abilities as a healing facilitator. Her enthusiasm for her chosen field, love of learning and sharing of knowledge are contagious. I would recommend Ilyia to anyone on a journey of personal growth.
— L Penman

I have had many different types of Kinesiology sessions with Ilyia, such as dissolving the negative self, balances for emotional, trauma and general issues and physical aliment balances.
After each session I have noticed a calmness and a feeling of lightness and clarity as well as the dissolving of the issue at hand in the days to follow. During the sessions I felt relaxed and at ease and marvel at the things that come up and then dissolve.

It is clear to me that Ilyia has a gift for the art of Healing and Kinesiology and I would highly recommend Ilyia as a Kinesiologist for any emotional, physical or anxiety issues.
Ilyia’s manner is easy, calm and unassuming and I am amazed at her skill, knowledge and professionalism.
— A Davis - Concious Parenting Coach

When I come into my session with Ilyia I had a few fears floating around my mind at the time. She was able to pickup on different times in my life where I’d experienced similar fears and where I had formed limiting beliefs around these fears. Ilyia worked with me to clear these beliefs I was holding and I could really feel the story I was running lift away, along with the confusions and uncertainty I was experiencing.
It is so powerful to let go of what is not for your highest good, I was so relieved that this was cleared and I can now make a clear decision on what to do.
Ilyia is open, welcoming and professional and she holds a space for you to be open and raw. Her intuition and healing is down to earth and natural. You must go see Ilyia.
— Cazz LeMessurier – Life Coach at cazzlem.com

Ilyia is a natural healer, she holds a rare mix of grounded presence, a steady mind and a curious, open heart. Her approach has helped me to trust the process and to feel safe to communicate with and from my body. For me, sessions with Ilyia always unlock new and different ways of interacting with my self and my life. I believe we all need a holistic health team to support our wellbeing, and Ilyia is a must-have on my list.
— Sally – Psychologist

Ilyia creates a welcoming, trusting and safe environment which has allowed me to be completely open and honest, and most importantly more forward in each of my sessions. Ilyia has helped me to let go of past experiences which were still impacting my life in the present, which I am so thankful for as I didn’t know how to let of go of them myself. Ilyia is intuitive and has a gift when it comes to seeing and connecting pieces together. Each session with Ilyia has left me feeling physically lighter, happier and more at peace within myself. I highly recommend Ilyia as she is a natural healer and an exceptionally skilled Kinesiologist.
— Christie - Teacher

Ilyia’s sessions are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! And I’ve visited more than a few treatment tables in my time - kinesiology, bodywork, Bowen therapy, theta healing, intuitive readings and everything in between.

What I love about Ilyia’s work is her elegant way with subtle energies. I experience tangible shifts in her sessions and although they exist in the mysterious realm of unnameable things, I always leave feeling as though my subconscious has been seen, heard and soothed.

I don’t know how it happens but I do know Ilyia’s work is profound. I also know that my treatments with her have saved me emotionally, physically and financially.

If you’re looking for a therapist who seamlessly blends no bullshit, practical, wisdom with mystery and magic, Ilyia is your woman.
— Brieann Boal – Wellness coach and owner of Wabi Sabi Well

Ilyia is a gifted healer who inspires confidence and trust. Since I started seeing her I have experienced some profound shifts both physically and emotionally. I am happier with who I am.

She has helped me to understand and experience the way in which all things are connected in my body and soul, in the past and in the present. Because of this I have achieved an inner freedom and calm that I didn’t know was possible.

I cannot thank Ilyia enough.
— Dale B - Retired SenIor Public Servant

I’ve been to a number of kinesiologists and Ilyia has definitely been one of the standouts with her broad knowledge of neuro-training. She made a very comfortable and trustworthy space to talk openly. The results have spoken for themselves, I’ll be going back for sure. Thank you Ilyia.
— Dave Keam – CEO New Beach Media

In the last 6 months I have been through some very intense emotional times. Ilyia has been amazing and has been able to assist me in moving forward and bringing positivity back into my life. Her knowledge and training shines through in her open and caring approach.
— Alyssa Flaherty – Fashion Designer

I have had a couple of Kinesiology sessions with Ilyia so far and I think that her sessions have been both accurate and inspiring.
— Stina Wangqvist – yoga instructor, massage therapist, osteopath medical student

Ilyia is incredible at what she does! She is such a professional and beautiful person and makes me feel super comfortable during my sessions. I highly recommend her!! She will change your life, as she has done mine!
— Scarlett Keam – Office Administrator / Model

Ilyia is such a beautiful and caring lady which this transcends into her sessions. I am always made to feel comfortable and at ease. The sessions are very helpful and provide alot of information and clarity to what I can do to help my recuperation. Without this knowledge I would be just repeating the same pattern that just does not work for me! I would honestly recommend her to anyone.
— Maria Gerhardy – Office Administrator