Who is Kinesiology for?


Kinesiology is  non-invasive and is suitable for all genders and ages. I work with  babies, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women and people who are physically unwell or suffering from stress or anxiety.

To find out more about working with children go to the Children page.

What happens in a session?


A session will start with a consultation to identify your needs. Sometimes people don’t have a specific reason for seeking help and in these cases I simply muscle check the client to determine the best way to proceed. Once I have determined what we are working on, you will lie on the massage table where I will begin accessing information from the body and nervous system. As we work through the priority correction and identify imbalances I will explain what is happening as we move towards correcting imbalances with the end goal of restoring your mind and body to optimum health, wellbeing and happiness. No two sessions will be the same as each is tailored to your current situation. In each session we will be working towards correcting the imbalances within the different systems of your body.

How will I feel at the end of the session?


Most people report feeling very calm and relaxed after a session, however change occurs differently for each person so it is hard to predict how the change will be experienced and when it will be evident.

Sometimes you can feel the change immediately, like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders. You feel clearer and have a much better understanding of the issue that was worked on.

Sometimes the change can occur more gradually over hours, days or even weeks. At the end of these types of sessions you might feel unsure of your feelings. This is all normal and does not mean the session has been any less successful than others,it just means that the body and mind are making the changes at the pace they need to safely incorporate the change.

Sometimes as session can temporarily heighten feelings such as anxiety, sadness, stress etc. This is also totally normal and safe as the body and mind knows what is best for you to complete the process. Sometimes to clear a limiting belief or suppressed emotion you need it to rise up, feel it and then release it.

How many sessions will I need to have?


Most people will have one to four sessions to work on a particular issue, however some people only need one and then others choose to come on a regular or long term basis to continue to work through multiple issues.

What is Muscle checking?


Muscle checking is a non-invasive method of getting information from a neurological response enabling the identification of imbalances and assessing what is needed to work with them.

How does Muscle checking work?


Muscle checking is used to access information form the body through a bio-feedback loop. Information is sent back and forth from the muscle, through the motor command nerve, and from the brain, through the sensory nerve.

Depending on your issue at the time and what we ask your body to communicate, we can effectively identify imbalances in organs, meridians, chakras, body structures and nutrition. The practitioner can then identify solutions to clear the energetic blockages and imbalances or stress. It can also be used to test the body's responses to herbs, vitamins, minerals, medications and other remedies.